viernes, 14 de septiembre de 2012

People in Denmark

I had read that people in Denmark are direct, and that they say what they think, not softening it at all. If something doesn't fit you, they are going to say it like that; if you are in the middle of a door, they are going to say to you to go, just like that; if the paper you are bringing is not complete, they are going to say it to you, and they are going to highlight it with their perfect English.

I had read that it is not that they don't like you or they are rude. That is the way they are and it is just like that. And well, I suppose that is right. That is the way they are. They are really direct, no please, no thank you, they say you are wrong, they say what you must bring, they help you. They are not gentle nor sweet, you are not a baby, aren't you?

And first time you know it, it happens and it is funny. Second time, third, forth... but, sometimes, you lack a pinch of kidness and a "sorry". OK. It is true, they are really helpful, no misunderstandigs, but...

Those are the Danes.

Joder, estaba buscando fotos daneses buenorros en internet, pero no hay manera de encontrar ni uno!!!

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