domingo, 9 de septiembre de 2012

An adventure!

Yesterday, I lived my greatest adventure until the moment. I just wanted to go out and I went to Copenhague with sobre Spanish friends at night. First of all, I had to go out from my home without being too noisy in order not to disturb my landlady.

So, I went sneaking out (just like my teenage sims!) through the spiral stairscases and the hall; it was completely dark because I did not know where to turn off the lights downstairs so I had to do it just with the lights of my bike. I tried to open the door but I was not able!! It was not locked but I had to battle for a few minutes to open it, and then... I was not able to lock it properly! I couldn't leave it opened, I was just imagining some burglars here in Denmark waiting for me to go and break into the house. So, some minutes extra until I did it.

Still with my bike lights, I had to unlock my lock and put the lights on my bike. There was no lights at all outside! When I did it, the journey started.

It was just 9 but there was nobody in the streets, no cars no people. I had drawn a map on my palm in order not to get lost with the names of the streets and I was following the path. However, I turned right earlier than expected and I had to go back when I realised and look for the correct way. It took a few minutes. Then everything was perfect until I found myself in Copenhague. There, I got confused again and the same method just to know where I was.

Once in Nørre Allé, I did not know where the street I had to take was (Tagensvej) so I just decided to go straight until the lakes and bridges expecting to be lucky. I was! And soon I found Nørreport station. And party!

I felt like a teenager in American films. I had never done that!!! It was hilarious!

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