domingo, 13 de enero de 2013

Paella i Danmark

I have done the best PAELLA in the world. Actually, I was just thinking of making white rice with peas but it has ended up being a masterpiece. 

I thought, it will be nice to fry some onion, and I fried it. Then I remembered that I had some fresh mushrooms and it is always nice to eat mushrooms (I LOVE THEM), so I fried them with the onion. I was thinking if I could add anything else to this food mix and I thought of some red pepper I had in a can. It is not really red pepper in a can as in Spain, but I thought it would be worth it to try it. And I did it. Just seeing how many ingredientes I had, I just thought: Why not frying? Why not trying to do a paella? Ok, ok. I had to think it twice because I had never done one on my own and I could ruin it. But come on! It is the perfect time to do it! And I will eat it if it is bad and nobody would complain. 

You there we were, in 5 seconds I made the decision. I just gave up boiling water and I took the rice, ready to do the best or the worst. I threw it. Hoy much? I do not know. I would have used less in a normal occasion, but today was PAELLA-party-on my own. So I put as much as I thought the colours were well distributed with the other ingredientes. I was forgetting the peas! Omg, I just threw them, too. Perefect proportion, and I would eat it all. Then I just had to fry the secret ingredient: CHORIZO. 

Yes, the first time I ate chorizo in a paella in Belgium in a Galician restaurant, I thought it was a wreck, a waste, a GUIRI-thing. Those things that we just do to get some tourist so that they feel happy and meet their expectations. But actually in Spain people will think you are completely crazy or blonde-white haired and blue-eyed and big and pink-skinned. I am a bit of the first one, so I just needed a bit of the second to go and do it. 

That is, I fried my beloved CHORIZO and its paprika pepper spread all over the other ingredients. I did not need saffron dye or anything to get the correct colour. It was just awesome. And the smell... But how much water should I use? I had no idea. I remembered people saying "por 1 de ARROZ = 2 de AGUA". But I did not know how much rice I had used. So I just poured enough water to cover all. And I went happily to wait until it was done. 

15 minutes after, I heared a strange noise, like the fire was too high, and it was. Actually there was not more water in the pan and the rice was not still how it should be. So, yeah, I do not know if you can do it or not, but this is my house and I do what I want, so I poured 2 more glasses of water. Fantastisk. Even that water-chorizo liquid was so tasty! (yes, I drank some spoonfuls) I could not wait to eat it (and I want more now!!!). Simply, it was perfect. It was so perfect that I did not think of taking a picture, because I was just thinking of eating it. 

But I have made a picture with it to share. It is paint, yes, and it is not as good as the one I ate. But, honestly, taking a picture would not allow you to appreciate it, or taste it or even smell it, so I think it will be OK. Next time I have to do it to share, as my cream and nuts chicken, my tortillas and all those crazy things I cook from time to time:

A picture from another paella, but quite similar. Even my mother said it was not paella... so many jealous people ¬¬

The picture is quite accurate, right? haha

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