domingo, 20 de enero de 2013

Lost in translation

There are some sentences in Spanish that I would like to translate into Danish. I could do it into English and the same amount of people would understand it (actually, more, because it is not that weird language, but they are not the addressees). I have been thinking yesterday and today about it. I have been listening to music and reading some poems and I felt inspired. I wanted to write other of my non-sense poems and I wanted to do it in Danish again. The reason is because it is really funny. 

I have the words in Danish but I do not know the grammar, and I have the grammar in English but the words do not get the meaning I want them to obtain. And it would be meaningless in Spanish.  So, I can't do it. Frustrating. It is. It is almost more frustrating than my ineptitude to meet new people and keep in touch. 

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