martes, 22 de enero de 2013


Not a long time ago, I wanted to be older. I wanted to be able to do all the things I could not do then. I needed time (stupid university), I needed money (stupid low class bloodline), I needed freedom (this was my fault). I thought that being older everything will be solved: I would get a job, I would earn the money and I could do anything.

If I had kept in that way, I would be studying the same right now, not having time, not having money, not being free to do what I want. Actually, I predicted everything would be perfect when I am 30 or 32. Then I would get a family???

Thank you, crisis, you let me go from my destiny, which I chose myself and let me do what I wanted. I have time (?), I have money (?), and I have freedom (?) now. "No es más rico el que más tiene, sino el que menos necesita". I am doing things I never dreamt about. Who knows, what I will do tomorrow...

I will take the opportunity... LOS TIEMPOS CAMBIAN...

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