sábado, 14 de julio de 2012

Quarrel or love?

There are events that always take place in the same moments. When he leaves the bowl of the toilet up, when she arrives at home angry after work, you get angry. Maybe you feel that s/he attached very little value to your relationship, to your values and being together; or you are very tired and you want everything perfect at home when you arrives. Then, the argument starts. Then, everyday, the argument events. 

It is something stupid that always comes out into a quarrel and you stop feeling. It is easy to blame the other, but it is easier sort it out and don't argue. If you keep repeating what the other doesn't like, the other will get fed up with you, for sure.

But, how can you tell him or her that something you don't like without getting both of you mad? That is the problem. If one is determined not to change his or her mind, can you sort it out? What is more important: being sincere or a white lie (and at least one can live in the happy and blessed ignorance while the other deep down inside is eating his or her own entrails).

The second seems better. But I cannot. So, I will have a quarrel. I love it. 

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