jueves, 12 de julio de 2012

People don't change

People never change. 
You can't trust them. 
They are not going to change. 
Today they are in a specific way,
tomorrow, they will be the same.

It doesn't matter that you talk to them
or you don't talk to them.
It doesn't matter that you find it out sooner
or later; that you trust them or not;
either encouraging them or scolding them.

People don't change.
The squealer will squeal, 
The dimwit will bum around,
The demanding one will demand,
"Happy-go-lucky" will not care.
The one who beat their children
will beat their grandchildren,
The one who cheated on his ex-wife
will cheat on his wife.

Okay, so you say that your past doesn't matter?
Whatever! Your pasts FORETELLS your future.
Do I love you not for who you were yesterday but for who you are today?

No way.

I never forgive anybody and I will never forgive anyone.

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