lunes, 10 de diciembre de 2012

sjov dansk dag

Today, it has been the funniest Danish day ever. It was not only that the sneestorm made all roads and streets (and children's teachers) collapse, but also I had a funny misunderstood in Danish.

I was called by a woman and I answered in Danish, because I thought it could be from a job interview. Then, she started to speak and I did not understand anything. I understood words but I could not figure out what the meaning was exactly. So, I just tried to catch up the details to a posible interview.

I understood "i dag = hoy", "onsdag = miércoles" and interviews were supposed to be next Wednesday and Thursday so I said Wednesday was perfect for me. But I did not get the time. So I was asking "Hvad klokken = A qué hora" but they were saying "nej, i day = no, hoy". So, I realized that I was not understanding something if there was not any time to meet. And they just repeated that it was today but we would see on Wednesday. They said "vi ses = hasta luego".

I did not know what had happened. I sat down in the class again with the people and started to think. Maybe it was not a job interview, maybe it was from another thing I was supposed to do today, but what? In Danish? Then I thought it could be from the English lessons... they are Danish... and yes... they were saying something about lessons (but not my lessons as a teacher but lessons as a student!). OMG, there was no class today??? Is that what they said? And now ... how do I know what they have told me?

I was just thinking of calling to any of my Danish classmates hoping they would have understood Danish!! hahaha but I had no time. They called me again... now with a different number. And if it was the interview again? I said again Hej, det er Esther. They understood that but they spoke in English, they were calling me again because they were not sure if I had understood! Hahahahaha. And I -proudly- said "Yes, you have called me to tell me that today there is not class, I will just go on Wednesday". And yes!!! It was that, and she just explained the reason to me because about that, I did not understand A word.

So long has she been talking in Danish to say that there were no lights and no heating en Central Copenhagen and because of that lessons were cancelled today??? What had happened in Copenhagen to collapse? Anyway, 15 minutes later, she called me again to say that heating had returned and classes were not cancelled. So, funny Danish joke today. And I had no job interview !!! >.<

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