viernes, 14 de diciembre de 2012

Germans and the others

My flatmate doesn't buy the washing-up liquid, and I do not mind it. I buy it. He doesn't get toilet paper either, and I do not mind it. He doesn't clean the kitchen, and I do not mind it. He doesn't throws the rubbish away when it is full, although he has generated half of that waste, and I do not mind it. He doesn't say either hello! or I am alive, and I respect he doesn't want to talk with me. I do not mind to live with a ghost. He doesn't clean the bathroom or the toilet, or the floor, or anything. Well, he cleans the hall and I can't undestand why. Actually, I can because I am not idiot, he wants to seem the nice guy with the landlady. But I do not mind it. 

However, what I can't ignore is that I am told off because I am generating too much waste and I should not do it, when HE is doing half of that way. And he is not said anything??? Come on! He gets the kitchen as dirty as I do, he gets the bathroom as dirty as I do, and he pees (in fact, I do not know for sure because he just goes out once a day, but he will have a bottle in his room or whatever), he shits, and he comes everyday. 

I do not know what I do, but it is often the same. There is a weird German around me and he is suposed to be perfect by the blond racist people (a.k.a English and Danish) and I am treated just like the brownish, careless, stupid Spaniard, who doesn't speak the language. I am fed up with stupid Germans around me, and I am fed up with people prejudging me as a second class person. 

I deserve a bit of respect. I am doing all the cleaning stuff and I am being told off because of the stupid rubbish? Now, I know why sometimes people appear dead. 

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