lunes, 28 de mayo de 2012


This is a story of a man who was fair, consistent and cultured. He did believe in justice and enjoyed doing things correctly. He was hard-working; he was thorough. He was alone. 
He knew many people and many people had met him. He was even a celebrity in his scene just for being himself. However, he went on staying alone. May he like it?
Once, it so happened that he was enrolled in a group where he was the head. Once, it so happened that he got on well with most of the people there. He was even admired because of his great qualities.
Notwithstanding, he started to dig his own grave. If "his" people didn't conform to his ideal, he would repulse them, he would reduce them to tears. He DID annihilate them. ONCE (talking of days off???), TWICE (trying me not to correct your writings???)...
THREE TIMES: foolishness or just using a second paper.  

His quarrells distanced him from his formerly friends. How many does he keep nowadays? One, will he keep it? Maybe he will just throw it away, like his new TV. 

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