miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2012


When you have a pupil that doesn't do your exercises, doesn't study your subject, doesn't stand still, doesn't do the things you tell him or her, when you devote time to him or her and s/he doesn't bother in doing it in the way you throughly explained, when it seems that s/he doesn't listen to you and he or she is just doing what s/he feels like in that moment, when you tell him or her to write "yes" and s/he writes "pizza", when you ask something you said two minutes ago, when you tell him or her you studied something a week ago and they reply you didn't, when they play with their pencil, their belt, their keys, their dog, when they eat, when they get angry because they are tired...

Maybe you think they are stupid, lazy, absent-minded, careless, rude... Maybe they have just got a problem. 

But, how do you know it? Must a teacher know about all the illnesses that affect the human being? or just the most common ones? Or just being LUCKY?

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