miércoles, 17 de abril de 2013


So, there was Adam,
in its fig leave,
in this gorgeous garden,
surrounded by baby animals,
and drinking fresh goat milk
and honey. And

accompanied by the beautiful Eve,
a great girl with good
tits and long, long hair,
a gift from the good lord
to ease his pain and suffering,
which after all was really
nothing more than eating wild fruit
and playing with his dick.

But she was not his first,
oh no, that was one Lilith,
a shameless whore,
whose name he never wanted
to hear again, since one day,
Lilith, who should not be named,
she turned to Adam tired
of being lying back and submissingly
being fucked just the way he liked.

She said to him: "you know, honey,
you finished before I even start".
And shocked, and feeling
the potential damage to his male pride, he replied:
"But, honey, you sure seemed you liked it.
All those sounds you made,
the way you moved your hips..."

"Honey", she replied.
"When it comes to you,
I am an awesome actress.
What I like is pretending,
to safe your fragil feelings.
What you thought it was true pleasure,
I call fake orgasm"

Lazlo Pearlman
Fake Orgasm (2010)

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