lunes, 16 de enero de 2012

Bubbles and marriages

I have just remembered how carefree we are when everything is all right. We don't even consider what is around us.
We are able to buy a house worth millions over and above the price (and we know we can't afford it) and if something goes wrong we hope to resell it for the same amount of money we paid or more, and just buy another one more appropiate to the circumstances. Because of that, many houses are not being sold now waiting for prices to increase.

The same is true with relationships: we marry and if something goes wrong (or we just get bored), we break up and hope to take advantage of it. If this is not possible, it is not worth it, simply:

We will prefer again to stay waiting for something to happen that solves our problems and the financial situation by the way (or at least takes us back to a previous situation). Therefore, it will always be better to wait until our partner gets his or her job back so that we can ask for higher amounts of money.

From my point of view, we must learn to be more independent and not waiting for others to sort our problems out; to have our own initiative when taking decisions; and not to desire happiness at the expense of taking advantage of others.

Is it possible? I find it quite frustrating.

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  2. After reading it, I wonder if there is not anything similar in Spain...