miércoles, 11 de abril de 2012

Thinking of emigrating

I have always been pursuing to get a job in the education career. The only job that I would have preferred is becoming a writer, not a famous one but a person who is able to earn enough money to make a living. This one is hard to achieve, but the first one is unbearable.

Not only you have to study really hard (degree and masters is nothing compared with cramming and cramming day by day until you get a place of work (unstable, of course), but also you must stand sooo many incompetent and bad-mannered people that you think you lack that characteristic spanish indifference which everyone needs (at least 10% of your mind).

In conclusion, I am not angry because I said I was not going to blow a fuse anymore; but one day I will torment someone and I will really enjoy it. 

: )

or I will change countries...

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