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Spanish lessons in Copenhagen

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My story
I came to Copenhagen in September 2012. My expectations were working in a school to teach Spanish as a foreign language, since I finished my Master Degree to be a teacher a couple of months earlier. It was not possible.

I did not want to give up, so I decided to offer some private lessons, while I was looking for other schools or other kind of jobs. In the meantime, I was learning Danish, too. I got my firsts students very quickly and that helped me to keep being active.

At the beginning, it was just temporal, but after 6 months, I realised that I had enough students to make a living with that (or kind of a living). It was when I decided to formalize it and open the company. Spanish Connection.

The clients came and went, but it was always very very interesting to meet new and very different people, to teach them, help them learn and know more about them. Most of them were "strangers" in Copenhagen, just like me, so I learned a lot about them.

I like learning, as I have said, and I felt like I had enough free time to learn something else. So I decided to enrol into a new Master, IT and Cognition. I love computers, and I use them a lot, and it seemed like you could be accepted here with a Bachelor in Linguistics, so I went for it.

I started the Master in September 2013, while I was studying Danish and teaching Spanish. Sometimes, it was hard. However, I cannot complain so much now, since I managed to do it, although I did not have much free time.

I have to say "thank you very much" to the Danish system, since they gave me a grant and allow me to work only 10 hours a week. Anyway, studying Danish 12 hours a week + homework, the subjects of my new Master, which were 40 hours a week x 4 subjects and working (let's say these 10 hours) = 185 hours of duty. I do not think weeks are so long!

Anyway, Spanish Connection has done many different jobs until the moment: Spanish teaching, Spanish exams preparation, Spanish conversation, Spanish though Skype, Spanish for groups, Games in Spanish for children who live in Denmark, Spanish <->English translations, Latin teaching, help with Latin exams, Latin through Skype, teach to pronounce the Latin of the Church, Latin<->Danish translations, English teaching from Spanish, work for other companies, cooperate with other partners... and many many many hours of cycling!

I just hope that my new knowledge in the IT world can help the teaching and learning of the Spanish language easier for everyone.

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