martes, 26 de junio de 2012

Post Number #100

This calls for a celebration!

First of all, I am absolutely delighted to reach my number #100 post. I have been posting here from December in 2011 and I can say now I carried on such a long time this posting successfully!

In addition, I delivered all my dissertations to secretary and Zaguan yesterday and finished the stupid powerpoint and rehearsed it in order to last fifteen minutes AND, in fact, it lasts just fourteen so I can go calmly and peaceably and I don't have to do anything else except sending it by e-mail once my marks are divulged and in reprographics I don't know what happened but the four copies of my dissertation were just 11.62€!!!

But the most important thing is my determination: I started a blog and I continued writing on it altought the inconveniences and the hard work it involved (sometimes). I hope it will continue for longer!

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