jueves, 29 de diciembre de 2011


When I first met you, you seemed such a nice person. I thought I had been lucky having you instead of the others. I did not know anything about that place when I was suposed to spend 2 months, but I felt really proud of being with you, trust me. I trusted you and, furthermore, I defended your choices in front of my colleagues. I was sometimes in awkward situations because of that. In spite of this, I was confident I was protecting the right side. I must admit I never agreed with you, but I respected you, I did it. Despite that obsolete way of teaching (yes, we are talking about Franco's way of teaching) I recognized your merits. You achieved some results others would never do and I! recognized it. I always be loyal and faithful, as I have never been. And now, you betray me. You say horrible things about me just because I am too stressed to control this situation. Just because I cannot manage my own job. This may entail a symbol. Maybe my destiny is not by your side and you simply turned up to show it to me. This could be our last lesson. In that case, thank you so much and goodbye.

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